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Ar Blue Clean AR 383 pressure washer review

My Pressure Washer Review to help make your decision easier.

We’ve all been there,we spent hours one weekend using the garden hose to clean the driveway or car and got nowhere near finishing the job.So we decided to make the smart decision and purchase a pressure washer. You go online and you look for advice and get stumped with the hundreds of options.So this is why you need good quality pressure washer reviews.

Do you need an electric or gas driven motor,Hot or cold water,Lightweight or designed to be wheeled around.Never mind all the confusing details about P.S.I. ,G.P.M. and C.P.U.The Pressure Washer Reviews you do find seem to give you even more options that widen your choice not narrow it down. 


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What are the top Pressure Washers ?

Among the Pressure Washers I have reviewed so far ,these are the best :

Pressure WasherP.S.I.G.P.MC.P.U.Electric or GasRatingReview
AR Blue Clean AR383

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Generac 6022

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AR Blue Clean AR118

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Simpson PS3228-S Powershot

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Which brings me to the next part , now you need a quick set of pressure washer reviews to point you in the right direction.

AR Blue Clean AR383

My Review of the ar383

AR383 Pressure Washer review

At this very moment this pressure washer is by a long stretch the biggest selling washer on Amazon with over 1,200 happy reviewers scoring it 4.1 out of 5 . So why does it get so many rave reviews , well for a start the AR brand produces excellent quality industrial pumps and the one you will find in this washer is no different. Inside the striking blue housing is a 3 axial-piston wobble plate pump and long-lasting induction motor. It comes with Total Stop System so the machines turns itself off whenever you release the trigger ,this will really cut down on damaging the pump.The unit itself it fairly strong despite its small size ,capable of handing out 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM , there is not much dirt or stains in the average household this can’t remove , sure you can get cheaper models but they won’t be as strong as this and won’t have as many good quality parts inside.It also includes a hose reel so you can easily store it away when not needed.For the vast majority of people this is the perfect pressure washer since it is cheap but still strong and reliable.

The price changes every few weeks but Amazon is usually the cheapest at around $149 to $165. Click here.

For my in depth review click here.

AR Blue Clean AR118

AR 118 Review

AR 118 Review

This is another very popular pressure washer for the reason that it combines portability and great value , this machine gets 317 reviews on Amazon scoring it 4.1 out of 5 . You might choose this pressure washer over the AR383 from above because you don’t see yourself feeling the need to clean stubborn stains and you want the lightweight portability of the AR118 coming in at just 11.7 pounds.The absolute best factor about this washer is that you can connect it up to a hose in a few seconds and start cleaning in no time ,the easier something is to use the more likely you are to use it which is a big reason for choosing electric over gas powered pressure washers. It is a little weaker at 1,500 PSI and 1.5 GPM but most people would find this is still enough to remove more household stains but just a little slower than some of its bigger brothers. This washer still has the same Total Stop System to protect your machines and the three axial-piston wobble-plate pump with a top quality induction motor.

The price on Amazon is usually sub $100 + free shipping. Click here

For my in depth review click here.

Sun Joe SPX3000


pressure washer review sun joe

Spx3000 hard at work

This guy here is fairly new to the market but has been getting lots of positive reviews as of late which is always a good sign ,at the moment it has 178 positive reviews giving it 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. This machine here is a little pricier than other electric pressure washers but has a lot of added extras it is worth it . The great thing about electric pressure washers is the ease of use but generally they are weaker than their larger gas driven cousins. With this Sun Joe though you get 2,030 PSI and 1.76 GPM , this might not sound a lot but for an electric machine this is a lot . Pushing out this power is a sturdy metal wand that will stand up to a lot more abuse that the plastic wands you find on others. A really nice feature of this machine is the dual detergent tanks on the machine itself that you can switch back and forth on when you’re cleaning, another nice time saver. The kind of person who would buy this machine would be someone who doesn’t mind splashing the extra cash but still wants the simplicity of an electric machine but the power of a gas pressure washer.To give you an idea of the quality of this machine , the company has given it a two year warranty such is their confidence in it.

The price of this machines seems to be sitting just under $200 at the moment and Amazon seem to be the cheapest again. Click here.

For my in depth review click here.

Generac 6022

Pressure washer review for the generac 6022

Pressure washer reviews – generac 6022

Now we are getting into gas pressure washers the big hitters, you would buy one of these machines for their pure power and time saving ability over anything else.This machine here gets 421 reviews on Amazon rating it 4.2 out of 5. The reason for this is it’s 2,700 PSI and 2.3 GPM ability , the dirt won’t know what hit it. Another great feature is its easy-access axial cam pump that means no more kneeling on the ground to make hose connections , very important on gas pressure washers. Generac are actually one if not the biggest seller of household generators at the moment so you know an engine for them is going to be good quality also the engine features a low oil shutdown system and integrated un loader valve for easy engine startup.A lot of people and myself included mention that the engine starts first pull.It weighs around 69 pounds but its 10 inch solid wheels make it fairly portable for something of its size. The kind of person who buys this is someone who wants to remove dirt in a large area very quickly and doesn’t wish to waste time with a weaker electric pressure washer.

The price for this machine jumps around a bit but usually it costs just under $300. Click here.

For my in depth review click here.

Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot

Pressure washer review simpson 3228

My review for the Simpson PS3228

Now we’re talking , this machine is the ultimate dirt and grime busting machine .It has around 132 reviews rating it 4.2 out of 5 from Amazon. This machine screams top quality without having to spend $1,000s . To start with is the Honda engine , these are some of the most popular small engines on the planet it will start nearly every time with an oil alert and will run smoothly while delivering high output to the AAA industrial triplex plunger pump with ceramic coated pistons that will last and last and PowerBoost technology that gives you higher pressure at the tip of the nozzle resulting in a bigger impact and cleaning performance than a typical pump using the same engine torque and horsepower. This will give you 3,200 PSI and 2.8 GPM , This machine is almost bordering on being professional level at a non-professional price. It also comes with a steel spray wand and 5 stainless steel quick connect nozzle tips that will be all you ever need, another feature that separates itself from others is the non-marring, kink and abrasion resistant hose . A reason many people get turned off from buying a gas pressure washer is the extra work involved but with the Honda engine on this and the easy AAA pump make it simple to use. You would buy this machine is you value your time and want to clean in the fastest time possible without needing to spend tons of money.

I don’t know how long it will stay at this price but at the moment Amazon are selling this for half price at around $530. Click here.

For my in depth review click here.

Karcher X-Series K5.540

Karcher K5.540 Review

Karcher K5.540 Review

These guys have been making pressure washers for years now , in most parts of the world they are the leading brand.This pressure washer here is the rolls royce of electric pressure washers but then again it is also the most expensive I have reviewed. First the motor is top quality and will last for years , it has a Self Priming/Siphon Capable N-Cor Pump so you can use this machine with a water tank instead of a tank , pumps are really important on a washer and this one doesn’t disappoint ,it can pump out 2,000 PSI and 1.4 GPM another feature that sets it apart from others is its motor ,not only is it an induction motor but its water cooled also so it can take much more abuse than other smaller units.Not only is it quieter than a gas machine but it is very quiet even for an electric washer. Like others it also has a hose reel to keep things neat. This is a durable machine built for frequent and heavy residential use. I would buy this if I wanted a simple but bullet proof machine and you don’t mind paying extra for it. It has just over 331 reviews on Amazon rating it 3.8 out of 5.

Since this is premium machine you do pay more for it , having said that it does come with higher quality parts than it’s competition , you just need to decide if you need a machine for this amount of heavy use to justify the price. Amazon is usually the cheapest especially when you throw in free shipping at around $300, click here for the latest price.

For my in depth review click here.

I do hope to make the decision for you a little easier for my site Pressure washer reviews.

What do you need you know ?


The first part we will take at look at is P.S.I. or Pounds per square inch.This is the means to measure how strong the water is flowing out of the wand that you’re holding in your hands…the higher the number the stronger it is basically so by that the smaller the number the lower the ability of the unit to remove those stubborn stains you have.


This is the other one that needs explaining…G.P.M. relates to the amount of water flowing out of the wand in your hand. Again the higher the better as more water flowing is less time spent on one area trying to removes stains.

Think of if this way. If you’ve ever painted a big wall you soon realised that using a roller or a large paint brush to apply the paint was far more effective than using a small pencil sized artists paint brush .Sounds like torture right.Basically you’ll be able to clean a drive way much quicker with a high G.P.M. unit but with a small G.P.M. you’ll need to spend a longer time on a small area of your driveway.


This means cleaning power units and is a much clearer measurement to use to compare units.

This is simply the P.S.I. multiplied by the G.P.M which then gives you the C.P.U

Often a high P.S.I. is displayed on a pressure washer to entice you to buy but little attention is given to the G.P.M. Beware of this. Focus on the C.P.U instead.

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Gas or Electric Pressure Washer


Most people will for home use will get an electric one,

  • it requires less maintenance
  • is a lot quieter
  • can be used indoors
  • operation of it is cheaper compared to using gasoline also in general the electric pressure washers will retail cheaper than gas driven pressure washers


A gas pressure washer is for

  • Heavy duty stains
  • Continuous use.An example would be more than one hour.
  • Most people will buy one of these for the portability they offer such as being used in a commercial scenario for example someone who plans on using it daily for their job.

Of course maintenance should be considered here since it is a combustion engine and this is probably what turns some people away from buying such a unit.Consider also if you live in a colder climate you would need to winterize your pressure washer so in the spring time it will still work.

For most peoples needs a electric pressure washer will do the job.


Pumps are definitely important on the higher end models as you’ll be spending a lot of money on the unit this is the last piece that you want to break… Most parts of a unit are replaceable but the pump is the heart of a machine and if that breaks the whole washer is destined for the dump.


Also known as wobble pumps are first as these are what are in most low end washers.These are the most basic but the most common,generally it is said they have a lifespan from 60 to 100 hours.It doesn’t sound a lot does it ??? However when you consider what most people do….. like washing the car maybe thepump will be used for 30 minutes max….. if you drive a stretch limo add on a few extra minutes 🙂 or if you are going to be using it for jobs around the home like removing paint of cleaning decking this shouldn’t make a huge dent in that 60 to 100 hour period.

Generally if the pump breaks it is cheaper to buy a new pressure washer as opposed to fixing or replacing the pump.


These pumps are certainly what you would expect on a higher priced model.These are much more robust and can be connected to a higher powered engine to dish out much more cleaning ability.

If one of these was to break it can often be more economical to fix or replace this pump instead of buying a whole new washer.

Pressure Washer Accessories

In the last few years the list of pressure washer accessories has gotten huge,Most of them you don’t actually need but will make the job you’re doing a whole lot easier..

Some of my favourite ones are:

Surface cleaners

These go on the end of your hose to help clean things like decking or a driveway,The main benefit of them is they increase the surface area you can clean with and also there is almost zero splash from these so your not spreading the dirt to places you’ve already cleaned.


This is to increase the your reach.Often people wish to use the pressure washer high up a wall an examply would be you do not feel comfortable climbing a ladder and then holding the wand with two hands instead of the ladder,This is where the wand extensions come in very useful.

Quick connectors

These come in great for connecting your hose to the pressure washer hose inlet ,instead of using a hose clamp which nobody likes playing around with you can use one of these.Hose clamps are fine for tighten and forget applications but if you plan on connecting and disconnecting often better to save your patients and get one of the quick connectors.

Also make sure its not a cheap plastic one you buy.That advice can be applied to everything of course but most quick connectors are plastic,not many are made of metal.

Often it is cheaper to buy everything at the same time but if your unsure its better to return and buy once you’ve decided you really want it.

To sum it all up:

The most important point is for you to imagine what jobs you are going to be doing and how often you plan on doing that,this will greatly narrow down your choice.

“I would recommend this to anyone who wants a reasonably powerful, easy to move pressure washer.

Judith A. Boulden| 85 reviewers made a similar statementSee what other people have to say about this awesome product.


I hope this guide has helped you in one way or another – if not now, maybe sometime in the near future.

Do you think I missed out on something important ,you wish to add anything or want to ask me about one of my pressure washer reviews.Then please please contact me.

Thanks for reading.

Author Gavin O Hanlon.