About Us

Thanks for stopping by my About page.My name is Gavin and I run the site here :Pressure Washer Reviews HQ

Like a lot of you out there,I was first introduced to power washers as a way to make cleaning that much easier.Initially I got a cheap no-named brand washer to try it out.I was impressed at how easier it made cleaning my mom’s car every weekend but I wasn’t very impressed at how many months it lasted before it started to break down on me.

So looking for a new pressure washer I turned to the web to help me choose.There was TONS of decisions to make and I needed help.I was so overwhelmed at the time as I didn’t want to make another wasted purchase on something that wasn’t going to last.

What kind of motor did I need,what extra pressure washer accessories did I need and from what brand.At the time on the Internet there was nothing available to help me choose so that’s when I came up with the idea of starting Pressure Washer Reviews HQ

My main goal here is to give you great information to help you make that informed decision based on what YOU need.If it’s power washer reviews or electric pressure washer reviews my goal is to help you make a much better decision than I did

The site is a work in progress so keep checking back as i will be updating the site regularly with reviews.

Thanks for reading.