Pressure Washer Buyers Guide

After reading this pressure washer buyers guide you know you will pick a great machine

After reading this pressure washer buyers guide you know you will pick a great machine.Photo from here.

Pressure washers are used to make messy cleaning jobs so much easier, especially washing off a grimey driveways, muddy cars or just about dirty anything outdoors or sometimes indoors. In many cases, you might not know enough about pressure washers to make an informed decision on what type you should buy. Many of you are in need of a pressure washer buyers guide like this one here to help you decide which one will be most practical for you. When looking for pressure washers, it is important that you decide on whether you need gas or electric amongst other features and why it is important that you consider what each type do.

This pressure washer buyers guide will allow you to decide which type will work best in your situation and for which ever cleaning jobs you plan on doing. You will find this information to be extremely beneficial when you are looking for any type of pressure washer and know you are spending your hard earned cash wisely.

What do you need to know first ?

Pounds per inch (P.S.I) and Gallons per minute (G.P.M)

The higher the P.S.I a pressure washer has the more powerful it will be. Low end machines will have around 1,200 P.S.I ( some cheap no named brand machines can be even less than 1,000 ) and a good quality electric unit will have around 1,900 P.S.I like the AR 383. This is enough to remove most if not all household stains. More powerful units will generally be gas powered that have atleast 2,000 P.S.I and the sky is the limit after that. You should be careful at this pressure as sometimes it can be so strong that it can damage what you are cleaning.

Gallons per minutes relate to the quantity of water that leaves the tip of the wand. The higher the amount of water the faster you can work. Some cheap machines will have less than 1 gallon a minute sometimes even half a gallon but the  AR 383 for example has 1.25 G.P.M which is plenty of water for household tasks. The larger gas powered pressure washers will be atleast 2 G.P.M like the  Generac 6022 which has 2.3 G.P.M

When we combine these 2 numbers P.S.I and G.P.M we get Cleaning units and this is the real way to measure how powerful a pressure washer is, the reason I say this is because some brands like to boast of their high powered P.S.I washer but don’t mention that the G.P.M is very low

Gas Pressure Washers Versus Electric Pressure Washers !

When you needs to decide whether you need a gas pressure washer or an electric pressure washer, it is important that you understand the difference between the two. There are specific reasons why the gas or the electric will be better for a certain situation.

Gas Pressure Washers

Gas pressure washers will be purchased usually for commercial use although that does not mean you cannot use it around the house. This is because they are meant for heavy stains and for prolonged and continuous use. They can accommodate bigger cleaning jobs so many companies get them for cleaning their buildings like external walls and car parking areas. This type of pressure washer is more expensive so a company will have a larger budget for such cleaning items.

Electric Pressure Washers

Homeowners will want to get electric pressure washers, as they can be used indoors, are quieter and are a lot easier to maintain. No need to worry about searching for the fuel can or making sure the spark plugs are clean like on a gas pressure washer. This type of pressure washer is also less expensive to buy and to operate so it is much more accessible to purchase.

Triplex Pumps Versus Axial Pumps

This is really the heart of the machine. When considering purchasing a pressure washer, a person will need to understand triplex pumps versus axial pumps. This information will help you to decide which one will be best for you.

Triplex Pumps

The triplex pumps are used on the higher priced models. It is very rare to see a triplex pump on an electric machine. They have a bigger more efficient design that can accommodate a pumping high pressured water and that means for you lot of cleaning. Most triplex pumps are used for commercial cleaning and if they break they are usually easily repaired locally without being needed to be sent back to the factory.

Axial Pumps

Axial pumps are used in most of the lower end washers but that does not mean they are bad. They last for around 60 to 100 hours of use. This is what most people would use for washing a car and general household projects. If the pump breaks, it is usually more economical to fix than it is to just buy a whole new machine.

What Accessories Can Be Purchased For Pressure Washers?

There are several accessories that can be purchased to make cleaning jobs easier. They are most commonly extensions, surface cleaners and quick connectors.

Extensions – The extensions are used to make it easier to reach a high up job. A person won’t have to stand on a ladder to complete the cleaning job. Which can be dangerous.

Surface Cleaners – Surface cleaners are attached to the end of a pressure washer want to help with cleaning decks and driveways in no time at all. They are preferable because they don’t splash so the dirt isn’t moved from one area to the next when it has already been cleaned.

Quick Connectors – Quick connectors are used instead of hose clamps. They are much easier and faster to use, so you won’t feel frustrated when you are attaching or disconnecting the hose.Ideally you should stay away from the plastic type of connectors and only buy the metal kind.

Where Can Pressure Washers Be Found?

Pressure washers can be found at stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, as well as online stores like Amazon. When you search online, you will find several stores that sell pressure washers however Amazon is usually the cheapest and have a easy customers service to deal with if anything happens. A customer will be able to find all kinds of specific information about the different models, prices and have any of their questions answered by the other reviewers.

Pressure Washer Prices

The price for a pressure washer will vary. You can pay anywhere from $50 for a cheap plastic pressure washer to thousands of Dollars for a high end gas pressure washer. It will all depend on the type that is purchased and how durable you want it to be. You should know what type of pressure washer will work best for you, and should shop around for the best price. Customers should take advantage of any sales you can find and

Pressure Washer Reviews

When pressure washer rated reviews are listed on this site, it will help you to know which one to purchase and you don’t waste your money. You can check this website, ,also this site is good to check out for great pressure washer reviews consumer reports that will allow you to make an informed decision on which one will work for your situation the best and not feel like you bought a dud or got something too powerful and bulky for your needs. These reviews give detailed information about specific models, with prices, the type of pump that is used and a whole lot more.

Using this pressure washer buyers guide will help a person decide which type of pressure washer is best for you. Whether you need it for commercial or residential use, you should consider all the points listed above. Using this guide will allow you to simplify the search, and find the a pressure washer that allows you to complete any cleaning jobs.

If you’re seriously considering buying a pressure washer I recommend the AR 383. It stands head and shoulders above the others in my books. Read here for my review.

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By Gavin O Hanlon

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