Generac 6022 Pressure Washer Review

So in the last review I talked about what I believe to be the Best Electric Pressure Washer at the moment but today I am going to be giving you a review on what I see as the best pound for pound gas powered pressure washer that money can buy.


Pressure washer review for the generac 6022

Pressure washer reviews – Generac 6022

 Generac 6022

Generac have a long history in producing by far the most popular home generators in America,they even say they sell more generators than all other brands combined.

They have carried over their experience of producing top quality small engines in the generator market to now produce power washers with a lot of credibility.


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The generac pumps out 2,700 PSI of water at 2.3 GPM to produce 6,210 cleaning power units of raw dirt hating power to remove a whole host of household stains that you can throw at it.

For me the most important number above is the 2.3 GPM. This can really speed up cleaning time so you’ll actually be running the engine for less time as you’ll be able to clean a whole lot quicker.It’s when you have a smaller GPM that you put a lot more hours on your engine,motor and or pump and this is when the machine suffers a premature ending.

 Its rare to find this level of GPM on a model in this price range, this is reason alone to buy this machine.

The Engine

What really sets this washer apart from the others is the engine.Generac have made a very good top quality engine here.

Quite a bit of effort has gone into making this engine as easy to use as possible which is a concern for most people and keeps them away from buying a gas powered pressure washer but as engines go this is very easy to use.

To make operating it a little easier it even includes a step on the bottom of the unit to rest your foot on it to stabilize it when pulling on the starter cord.

Then there is the shut off feature to make sure fuel or oil does not get into any parts of the engine that they don’t belong to.This kicks in whenever you tilt the machine past a certain angle such as when you need to move it from one place to another.

Now at first this feature sounds like a pain but keep in mind it is there to preserve the life of your investment and even then if it does switch off this engine is so easy to start up again.

Some users have even said it started up on the first pull of the cord straight out of the box.

While I’m discussing gas I will also mention that this generac comes with a slightly larger gas tank than usual so you won’t need to fill it up as much.As always though make sure to use fresh gas and not gas that has been sitting around in your garage for a few months otherwise you will be cursing your engine and not the real culprit.It is also possible to extend the life of gasoline using a fuel stabilizer.

Another point I should make is there is no fuel gauge on the tank so make sure its full before each use by looking inside to save trips back and forth to the garage.

I have found this to be a quiet machine but some people may not agree.What is important to remember is an electric machine will be a lot quieter period ……..and to compare electric and gas powered engines is wrong .As far as small engines go this is a quiet machine that should not cause you to scramble for ear defenders.

Also as I covered already the engine is very easy to start but some people have encountered problems involving the position of the choke affecting start up.To solve this all you need to do is move it from the close to open position or vica versa.

While on the subject of difficult to start ,something I encountered is that if the engine fails to start more than a few tries, pressure will eventually build up inside the pump preventing it from starting up.Easiest way to fix this is to hold down then trigger to release any water inside the pump but be careful as this water will still be under pressure so be sure to spray somewhere safe.

This video doesn’t explain a whole lot but at least you get to see the washer looks like.

Operating the pressure washer

People often get put off from purchasing a gas powered washer as they think it requires a degree in engineering to operate.As gas washers go this is a very easy machine to run and once you learn the basics of maintenance you’ll be set.

The wand comes available with changeable tips.Usually when you buy the cheaper washers you are forced to use accessories from that company but with this generac you can use use a whole host of accessories from numerous brands to make cleaning more efficient.

Included in the box is 4 nozzles and lucky for you these 4 are the most common.

Also you get a very comfortable handle that has an easy trigger to squeeze.No vice like grips are needed here.

The machine weighs in at around 83 pounds depending on how much fuel you have inside. This sounds alot but don’t forget it does have wheels so its really easy to move however the wheels are not the highest quality but certainly are not the lowest either.

The Pump

And what would any review be without talking about the pump.The pump on this washer is from a well respected brand in the pump industry so it should be able to stand up to a lot of punishment. A really nice feature I liked is the connections for where your garden hose meets the pump is very easy to access.You can even purchase a 90 degree connector so that it is even easier to access.

Some “niggles” I encountered

I did notice when I was using this machine that if your not careful it is very possible for your hose to curl up and rest against the hot engine parts.Obviously this would damage your hose so what I found best was to use cable ties or tie raps to guide the hose along the frame to avoid any potential problems.

I don’t use the soap dispenser fitting that comes included all that much but I did notice as the detergent starts to empty from the reservoir it is inclined to curl up and stop sucking up any of the liquid so you can either keep it topped up or use a nut to weigh down the end of the suction hose that goes into the detergent.

Something important to keep in mind is that before using this machine you will need to fill up the oil reservoir as the unit is shipped without any oil inside it. Luckily for you there a bottle of oil included for you to use.

Just be very careful when filling it, if you pour too fast the oil cannot drain into the sump fast enough and before you know the oil will spill out.So just pour it in slowly and you should be fine.The bottle comes as 20 oz and the amount generac say is needed is 20 oz.

All gas power pressure washers can suffer from these problems and most of the times these problems can be solved through experience. It is not something you can really escape from initially if it is your first gas pressure washer but a little bit of common sense goes a long way.

Although ,while this sounds like a lot of work ,if a gas powered machine breaks its easier to repair than an electric machine.Sometimes its cheaper to buy a new unit instead of repairing it ,this usually is not the case with gas powered as the price dictates that its cheaper to repair than to purchase a brand new machine.

And Finally,

One last point I will mention is that a few people have mentioned their engine stalled after a few minutes of running. The most likely cause of this is a faulty gas cap.It seemed to only happen to a few people but Generac have been helpful in sending out a new gas cap to remedy the problem.I think once you make it known that you believe the cap is causing the problem then they are willing to help since it saves them a lot of time.


Is there better pressure washers available ? Yes…..

Are they as cheap as this one ? ….. No

This is one of the best value washers available pound per pound and that includes electric washers. Once you learn what needs to be done in regards to maintenance and removing any small problems and by the way the review you just read pretty much sums up all the small problems then you will have purchased one of the best machines on the market today.

In another review one guy even said he went out and bought a portable generator from generac he was so happy .I think this sums up well how good it is.

Very happy…good value!

Will C.| 35 reviewers made a similar statement

I’d buy this product again without hesitation.

KYHunter| 15 reviewers made a similar statement

Was easy to assemble and very easy to start.

F. J. Ryan | 30 reviewers made a similar statement

See what other people have to say about this awesome product.


Pressure washer review for the generac 6022

Pressure washer reviews – Generac 6022

The Generac 6022 is on Amazon with a $74 Discount bringing it to $ 299 .I doubt it can be found anywhere cheaper.

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