Husky 2,600 P.S.I. 2.4 G.P.M. Axial Cam Gas Pressure Washer HU80722 Review

Husky Gas Driven Pressure Washer gets a review

Husky Pressure Washer Review

Husky is a brand sold exclusively in Home Depot. With over 80 years of experience they have used that to produce everything from Husky tool storage ,every type of hand tool set you can think of all the way to Husky portable air compressors and their accessories.

Some where they decided to try their hand at selling Pressure Washers, which I give them credit for since most of the other tools they have made are very popular with DIYers.

Many of the Husky hand tools even come with a lifetime guarantee and a hassle free return policy.However, for this gas pressure washer oddly they decided to only offer a 90 day warranty. Very worrying don’t you think ?

So what do you need to know about this Husky Pressure Washer Review ?

Well, first things first is the 2,600 P.S.I. and 2.4 G.P.M. knocking out 6,240 Cleaning Power Units. This means it is a VERY capable machine for around the home.There’s not much dirt that can get in this pressure washers path that it wont be able to blast away.

How about the engine ?

Since the main reason someone would buy a gas pressure washer over an electric is its portability and extra cleaning power you really need to make sure you are getting something that will live up to this.

The engine on this pressure washer has two possible options. You had the choice of purchasing either a robust Honda or an economical Kohler engine to power this machine.

It cost about $399 to get the Honda GVC160 overhead cam engine layout compared to the Kohler which came in at around $299.

What do you get for the more expensive Honda ?

Its much quieter than its cheaper cousin the Kohler but if your expecting it to make the same level of noise as say an electric pressure washer you are out of luck.By their very nature they are louder but this is the quietest of a loud bunch.

Another feature is its ability to start maybe 95% of the time within the first pull of the cord.

At $399 these are a huge reason to buy this machine over its competition .Honda really do know how to make a small engine.Anything I’ve used with a Honda inside has purred like a kitten for years after I got them. They just work.

As you can see here most Reviews of this Pressure Washer are fairly bad.

A collation of reviews for the Husky Pressure Washer

A collection of reviews for the Husky Pressure washer 2,600

How about the cheaper Kohler ?

As for the Kohler. Its a very reliable engine in its own right.I mean its $100 cheaper than the Honda for a reason. Which is not to say its a terrible engine because its not.

This brand is very popular to be used in many outdoor tools like chainsaws, tillers, portable air compressors and most often you’ll fine them powering your gas driven lawn mower.So its not like your getting some cheap copy from China that’s only going to last you a few hours and possibly deafen you in that time as well.

What about the brains of the machine – The Pump ?

It was going well up to this part wasn’t it !

Somewhere in the planning stages of this they must have put a lot of work into designing it to look nice ,deciding to use a good quality engine and choosing to mount it on a strongly constructed frame.

Some where they did not put any effort into was planning the pump.

A quick search online for other Husky Pressure Washer Reviews will show hundreds of angry customers all complaining about the same problem.

Some complaints range from the pump ceasing to function on its trial run to it seizing up completely dead on the 8th use ( if you were lucky to get it to last that long that is )

Perhaps there is some happy customers, I don’t know since usually angry people are more motivated to leave a comment than a happy customer but you can’t ignore the amount of people all talking about the same problem ….. The Pump.

As I have mentioned in my post about Electric Pressure Washer Reviews the pump is the most important part of a washer next to the motor or the engine. You simply cannot have one without the other. It seems though, Husky attempted to with this Gas Pressure Washer.

This Review was was put up on April 22 , 2013

Bought in 2007 or so. Year 1 worked great. Year 2 after 4 or 5 uses pump froze. Out of warranty. Repaired by Home depot. pump froze on second use. It sat around for a couple of years while I used my neighbors. Neighbor moved. Back to repair shop. Replaced entire pump. worked a half dozen more times. Guess what….pump froze ( found out it has a plastic piston what a p.o.s. ). Talked to Home depot local General Manager about the pump. Its been a lemon since day 1. He said their liability ceased when the warranty ran out. No he would not take it as a trade in, no he would not give me a break on a new better one, no the fact that I had bought almost $10,000. In various construction materials, appliances, etc didn’t matter (2 remodelings). Lowes here I come in the future.


But cant I just get a replacement I hear you cry ?

Sure you can , but it will just break again as many other users can testify to and then as soon as that short 90 day warranty expires your on your own.

Now I should mention that some people have said they got a replacement pump that was similar but of a much higher quality but this is only really an option if you bought the thing in the first place….. also if you don’t mind shelling out another $100 for a new pump and shipping and then whatever a technician will charge you to take out the old pump to replace it with the new one.

As you can see from this video for the Husky 2600,when they  break they really break.

Is there anything else to discuss in this Husky Review ?

Not really, This is normally about the time I talk about the accessories you get with the washer and talk about how to best use the features that come with it but these Husky’s are a real dud. I don’t think there is much more to discuss here.

Which is so strange since Husky is a signature brand for such a huge company like Home Depot….. it’s like nobody bothered to do any trials before shipping them to the stores around the country.

Its even gotten so bad that Home Depot have removed these pressure washers from the shelves at their stores which is something at least, but little consolation for the people who have already spent their cash on these pieces of expensive scrap metal and more than likely turning them off Home Depot for a very long time.

If your still considering buying a Husky Pressure Washers after all this can I please show you some of these magic beans I have for sale ?


Pressure washer review for the generac 6022

Pressure washer reviews – generac 6022


All joking aside if your looking for a reliable gas pressure washer then take a look at the Generac 6022 .Over 200 people on Amazon alone have rated this  .At least with this one you won’t have problems like the Husky.

Thanks for reading

By Gavin O Hanlon

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